Software Development is a Game.
We are Building a Dynasty.

As software developers, we are like professional athletes in a team sport. It is up to us to become the very best at what we do, but the entire team needs to perform well together in order to win. And make no mistake, we are out to win.

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We Win Through Our Customers Successes
We are passionate, if not fanatical about helping our customers disrupt and succeed. The day when our products and services help our customers achieve grand objectives is the best day worthy of celebration. We want to learn our customers ways of working and work with them to give them super powers through our tools.

We Are Stronger Together
As individuals, it is up to us to continually improve our skills. But as any real team understands, it is how everyone works together that makes the greatest impact. The world is full of examples of underdogs beating the “powerhouse” by working better together as a team.

This means that everyone on the team must have a clear understanding the whole picture and how their part contributes to the whole. Every player has an important role and position and every player studies an practices the play. When the game is played its like magic.

We Are All Coaches
Each of us has a diverse background, which means we all have different thought processes and tendencies. This is a strength, but only if we collaborate as a team to help each other improve. This also means that every participant needs to understand that criticism is an opportunity to improve, not a sign of failure. It is up to us to analyze and respond accordingly.

If the team is successful, that means the individuals in that team are successful. We win as a team, and that is more important than any personal, individual accomplishment. No matter the experience everyone has something to teach, a story to tell, an opinion that matters.

We Appreciate Candor
Open and honest communication is everything to a team. We may disagree with one another at times or our ideas might not get implemented every time. But we don't shy away from arguing an issue and speaking up. We work based on reasons and facts and when we find a better solution or a great idea, we rally behind it – no matter who came up with it.

This also means that we celebrate successes when warranted. We like nothing better than celebrating a team member’s contributions.

There is a Leader in Each of Us
This means we take ownership and don’t need managers to tell us what to do. We are responsible and know that our role directly impacts the team around us.

Tools and Technologies Don't Define Us
Perhaps no other industry has as much continual turnover in tools and technology than the software industry. We don’t have any “JavaScript people” or “SQL people” – we have engineers that are constantly researching to determine the best solution to each problem. It is our knowledge of the business, our general skill and experience and the hunger to learn that defines us.

Roles or Titles Don’t Define Us Either
We understand that good ideas come from everywhere and foster input from everyone. It doesn’t matter what title you have; a good idea is a good idea.

We Bring Our Best Every Day
Part of striving to be the best at what we do means we come with passion and desire to be the very best we can be each and every day. We understand that while perfection is never attainable, it is an honorable pursuit that deserves daily dedication.

We are Global and Diverse
We will work with people around the globe with different backgrounds, we are citizens of the world, we know no borders. We don’t play politics; we don’t put “us” versus “them”; we all work to bring our unique viewpoints together to be the best we all can possibly be.

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