Align Engineering across the business

Work in harmony with the entire team. A bespoke planning tool that helps you understand what is being planned quickly and easily. Feedback engineering constraints to Product Management and Sales with simple statements of what is and is not available.

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An example matrix showing the relationship of seats to various trucks

Set Engineering constraints with ease

With an intuitive grid layout, setting your engineering constraints within the product line plan is really easy. Making sure product management, sales and marketing knows your capabilities up front saves you time resolving conflicts later.
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configuration options

Really understand the product

Understanding exactly how the product can be configured in detail is vitally important to making sure you create the right design solutions. Quickly understand where the features you are developing are being offered with the click of a button. Knowing what changes on the product over time is no longer guesswork with our reporting. We can show you immediately what has been changed without you having to go looking for it.
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Get the requirements straight from business

No need to try figuring out requirements for yourself, they are right there attached to the features that make up the products. We added built in commentary to the app so you can chat about them with your team mates as well.
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one drone with a lower score with an X above it, another drone with a higher score with a checkmark above it

Decision matrices made easy

Making decisions on what feature or products to offer couldn’t be easier when your product attributes and configuration are connected in a digital environment. Bring the two together and apply our weighted scoring to find the best candidate to take forward to production.
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