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Product Roadmap Guide for Manufacturers


A Guide to Roadmaps

Tools for Product Managers

As product managers you are the quarterback, keeping everyone informed and bringing the team together to make sure that stakeholders are engaged with the latest information across the company.

You can now focus on product management not project management.

The overview screen of an individual plan. Shows a dashboard of key details for this plan
Product lines and their plans organized into a robust roadmap
Overview of the plans within a product line and their key details

Built for manufacturers

Manufacturers have unique needs from that of software-only companies; Gocious understands this and has built its Product Roadmap Management (PRM) system just for you.

Driving strategic planning

Your job is to drive strategic product planning across your entire portfolio, down to individual markets. Gocious makes this easier and faster than ever before.

From a single source of truth

You can manage all of your product data in a single location, making it easy for all stakeholders to have access, make updates, see the impact of changes, and communicate everything broadly across the company.

Into a product management executive dashboard

Within one dashboard, visualize your whole product portfolio and strategic plan, while tracking updates and progress, see the impact of changes in real-time, ensuring that you are meeting your business objectives.

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Get up and running quickly

Connect to your existing systems or import data from legacy spreadsheets and be up and running in as few as 10 minutes
import and export from Excel, Product Line Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Slack