Culture at Gocious

Software developers are like professional athletes on a sports team. It is up to us to become the very best at what we do, but the entire team needs to perform well together in order to win. And make no mistake, at Gocious, we are out to win!

The Gocious team

We win through our customers' successes

We are passionate, if not fanatical, about helping our customers disrupt and succeed. We want to give our customers superpowers by learning how they work and customizing our software to match their needs. Those days when our products and services help our customers achieve grand objectives are the days we celebrate!

We are stronger together

Gocious is a team environment where everyone enjoys working together toward the greater goals. We want to see our team succeed. We come to work knowing that we are amongst dedicated, hungry, skilled people that are here for us, which is why we are here for you too. We know that collectively we can identify good ideas and make them great.

We celebrate our achievements and have hope for what the future has in store for us as we face our challenges head-on together. Each of us sees the big picture, and we know the game and the role we play within it. When the game is on, it's like magic.

Gocious team

We appreciate candor

Open and honest communication is everything to a team. We may disagree with one another at times, or our ideas might not get implemented every time, but we still respect each other, and we don't shy away from arguing an issue and speaking up. We discuss and highlight reasons and facts, and when we find a better solution or a great idea, we rally behind it — no matter who came up with it.

There is a leader in each of us

We take ownership and don't need managers to tell us what to do. We are responsible and know that our role directly impacts the team around us. We set examples for others, and when times get tough, we step up. Our team and our customers can count on us to be there for them, and they want us on their side.

We share our experiences and our knowledge. We also appreciate the value of constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve, not a sign of failure. It is up to us to analyze and respond accordingly. No matter the experience, everyone has something to teach, a story to tell, and an opinion that matters.

We are curious, we seek to learn and apply

We are interested in every aspect of our business. We learn and engage in making our environment and business more vibrant. We know good ideas and capabilities come from many different backgrounds. We don't fear stepping out of our comfort zone. We come to work full of ideas. Titles and tools don't define us. What matters is our knowledge and curiosity and the willingness to be valuable to others around us.

Gocious team

We bring our best every day

Part of striving to be the best at what we do means we come with the passion and desire to be the very best we can be each and every day. We show up, do our best and lift each other up. We wake up every day looking forward to joining the team and making a difference.

We are global and diverse

We will work with people around the globe from different backgrounds, we are citizens of the world, and we know no borders. We believe diverse views and an open mind can create great solutions. If you are good at what you do, believe in our values, love to learn and get out of your comfort zone, believe in our mission, and look forward to coming to work and making a difference with us every day, you are welcome, and we want to help you succeed.