Product Roadmap Management Software

An enterprise product roadmapping software with everything you need to manage and roadmap your entire product portfolio in one easy-to-use dashboard.
Voice of Customer

Be customer-centric using capabilities

Capture the capabilities that your customers need, prioritize them, and track them until it's in their hands.

Screen capture of the Gocious Capabilities kanban. Cards organized on a board with each column denoting the stage of the card.

Detail solutions they will crave

Plan features and products that satisfy customer needs and unlock the capabilities they desire.

Screen capture of the Gocious Feature Library Details Panel. A list of features with one selected that shows all of its specifications, an image, and other details about it.
Map Timelines

Time to set the strategy for your products

Connect your what, for who, and why to a timeline to bring your strategy to life.

Diagram of connections between Gocious Screens. The Roadmap, when plans will be released. Overview, key objectives and financial impact. Market Availability, where the product line products will be marketing. Competitive Analysis, how your products stack up to the competition.

Strategy is only good when everyone gets it

Include everyone and have meaningful meetings with awesome visualizations without sifting through a ton of records, spreadsheets and presentations.

Product lines and their plans organized into a robust roadmap

Stay on top of your roadmap

Issues happen and how you respond to them is what matters. We built our roadmaps with statuses and notifications to make sure your team is alert and steps in when necessary.

Screen capture of Gocious Capabilities within a plan. An enlarged alert shows that one or more dependencies will not be available at the current implementation date.