Competitive Analysis

Create competitive products that you can use across all of your product lines. Remove bias in your analysis. Gain insights to find your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and crush the competition.

Store and visualize unlimited competitor products

Tired of managing all your competitive intelligence in spreadsheets? Our shared library of competitor products makes it easy to store key details in one place. Pull these in any time and compare your products to those of the competition. You can now compare multiple products easier than ever before.
competitive product and its specifications

Easily benchmark features and specifications

Are you offering a key feature as standard when your competitors are selling it as an option? Do you have a feature that no one else does? Are your specs ahead of everyone else? Quickly see the features and specifications across your product lines and how they compare against the competition. Now you can get to market faster with a winning edge.
features and specifications comparison between different products

Increase objectivity and remove bias in your decision-making

Our automated system will calculate a weighted score based on targets that you set across all of your product specifications. Using actual specification values instead of generic rankings, we remove the natural bias in your analysis. You will clearly see how your products stand up to the competition.
products and score comparisons

Up-to-date data

Never fall behind in what your competitors are building. Keep all of your competitive intelligence up to date and at your fingertips. You can track the competition over time and spot industry trends before anyone else.
timeline with different products