Seamlessly import your spreadsheet data into Gocious to get started instantly. Export reports in PDF and Excel formats to share with your stakeholders.

Upload your current products and features

With a few clicks, you can import your current data into our analytics platform and start analyzing in minutes.
a stack of features, specifications, and products all converging to point at gocious

Export reports for use in presentations

Sometimes you just have to prepare or share a presentation on your product line using different channels and mediums. We made it easy to export your reports into Excel or PDF so you can reuse or share them.
gocious with arrows splitting off to point at different data models

Integrate with other systems

Once your product line is approved, we can stream that information directly into other downstream systems with just a click of a button – reducing re-work and mistakes.
gocious with arrows pointing between it and Product Line Management, Configure Price and Quote, and Customer Relationship Management