Product Line Dashboard

Create new product lines and expand on current ones in minutes. Capture decisions on features, options, and dependencies using simple matrix rules. Create packages to meet unique market needs and reduce complexity all from one collaborative board.

Speed up your product definition by creating features and applying them across your product family

Capture decisions on what features are common, unique, standard, or optional across your product family using an intuitive user experience. Whether it is setting an engineering restriction, a constraint, or the availability of features, setting dependencies in Gocious is easy and fast. You can change features on products, group features into packages, or change the constraints and dependencies with just a few clicks.
specification options for battery, screen size, and water resistance

Visualize how products stack up side-by-side

Whether it’s your products or your competition, you can compare product features and options side-by-side using different visualizations.
a graph of circular symbols connected through dashed lines

No coding required

Capture decisions on feature dependencies and options on the products with simple, intuitive rules. No programming experience is required. Configure the products and see the dependencies applied across your product lines automatically.
a big red X over SQL code

Rapidly model different scenarios

Analyze different scenarios by rapidly modeling alternative product and feature configurations.
a basic drawing of a motorcycle with an arrow pointing from it to a more detailed version of it