Take the Gocious Journey

A New Way to Manage Your Product Line.

Efficient Decision Making with Our Interactive Product Line Option Matrix (PLOM)

  • Scrutinize all the features in the product line in one snapshot
  • Easily edit feature spec values, adjust feature relationships and their availability¬†
  • Broadcast any changes in real-time to your team
  • Remove ambiguity and use real data to find the best configuration with your product score

Quickly Configure and Control Even the Most Complex of Product Lines

  • Simply organize similar features together in feature families
  • Use packages to bundle features and reduce buildable combinations
  • Easily create relationship rules between features, products and packages without a single line of programming or 25 different spreadsheets

Allow Team Members to Share Data in One Place 

  • Facilitate better sharing with team members, so everyone is always working with the latest data
  • Divvy up the workload across your team members and produce richer data
  • Work as a team to create the perfect combination of features your customers will GO for

Set Targets and Weights to Score Your Products

  • Quickly set internal and external targets for each product in a rapidly changing market landscape
  • Weight your targets based on market expectations and preferences, see how your products meet those targets
  • Score your entire product, not just one feature at a time

Hone Your Product Line to Deliver Success

  • Score against your quantifiable expectations and see how you stack up against the competition
  • Change your product configuration to improve your score
  • Discover the right combination of features for the best products