Our Product

Set the direction of your product portfolio

Product Portfolio Roadmap

Share when changes to your product line start and when new products or features are made available over time with your team. Drill down to each event to see the configuration of your products and features.

Competitive Analysis

Reimagine how you track what your competitors are building and uncover areas of opportunity to improve product decision making.

Product Line Dashboard

Automate and save time managing your product definition, including its constraints, with an easy to use experience. Free yourself from relying on spreadsheets to update features, options, and their dependencies.

Analytics and Visualization

Get answers and validation quicker with compelling visualizations. Find opportunities by viewing your product line from different perspectives. Validate you have the right configuration using a simple, visual way.

Product Score

Use your data to get insight into how well your products meet your objectives. Use our 10-point scale to reduce guesswork when developing your product line.

Shared Feature Library

Find, collaborate, share, and reuse features across your product lines. Save time defining and reduce time to market by finding and reusing features across your product lines.


Bring engineering, marketing, and product teams closer and work more efficiently throughout the planning cycle.


Seamlessly import your spreadsheet data into Gocious to instantly reap the benefits of the platform.

Product walk through

Gocious combines creativity and analytics, helping companies with many possible product variants get to good decisions faster. Our Product Planning Software Platform is cloud-based and secure. We know you want to minimize production-level changes; we strive to help you do that and enjoy the journey.