Keep the entire team on the same page near or far

You’ve built a great team, but it’s rare to find them all in the same room. The modern workforce is spread all over the world and the modern way of planning and managing your products is with Gocious’ cloud-based toolset for creating, collaborating and visualizing the future of your offering.
Cloud based product planning enables the whole team to see your vision
Trying to align everyone in remote locations with your product line definition? With Gocious, you can communicate in real-time with cross-functional teams near and far. Visualize your product lines with different views, increase confidence with analytics, and collaborate on features and configurations online.
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Centralized location for product and competitive data keeps the whole team aligned
It’s no secret, to be aligned, the whole team needs to see the same data at the same time. Keep your entire product portfolio data set and competitive analysis in one integrated system with Gocious.
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Share across the whole team with read only access control
Want to share your vision with the whole company but still keep it safe and secure from unintended changes?  Read only roles allow you to share your product plan with as many team members as you want while preventing unauthorized changes.
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Scenario plan well into the future and only publish approved plans to the broader team.
As a planner, it’s essential that you always be looking well ahead into the future and have several potential paths to take, but you many not want everyone to see all the scenarios. With Gocious, you can contain access to scenarios and only publish final and approved plans to the broader team.
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