Confidently plan your way to sales success

Stay connected to the new product pipeline and plan your local assortment to confidently meet the needs of your local markets.

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Determine the best offerings for your local assortment

You’ve just gotten the download from Product Management on the upcoming launch. Your sales goals are set and one thing is for sure, not everything is the best fit for your market. Focus your efforts on selling the right assortment of products with Gocious.  Gocious optimized assortment planning ensures that only high potential products are launched, allowing for a focused sales effort in your market. 
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Think globally and act locally to maximize your sales plan

Not all markets are the same, so why not use your local objectives to measure the global product portfolio?  Load your local success metrics into Gocious and determine what products from the global offering will meet your sales objectives and which ones won’t. Improve your forecast intelligence and give product management objective feedback on your market needs.
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Never miss a beat

In sales, you live for today, but you also have to stay in sync with the plan for tomorrow. With Gocious, you can communicate in real-time with product and marketing teams near and far. Visualize your product lines with different views, increase confidence with analytics, and collaborate on features and configurations online.
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