Who We Are

We started Gocious, a Southern California-based startup, specifically to efficiently help product teams bring great products in line with their market and business needs. We provide product teams with a platform to define and drive their mid to long-term portfolio strategy bringing transparency, agility, and collaboration with the broader organization.

The Gocious Team in front of our office

Bringing product roadmap management with a focus on product portfolio and their dependencies

Current systems available in the market, such as CRM, ERP, PLM, and CPQ, all provide effective mechanisms for planning and controlling product and customer lifecycle; however, they all assume that the product idea is already known. Before these systems get involved, there is a need to research and communicate the product strategy from a business perspective. Our studies show that high-level planning around products and features today happens mainly in isolated systems such as spreadsheets, emails, and presentation tools that are not standard and require a high level of effort to align the organization around one strategy. There is also no central space for product teams to drive the strategy of the business product portfolio

Our vision is to build an all-in-one product portfolio roadmap management platform for product management. We want to offer everything a company needs to drive its product roadmap and definition in a single digital experience for the entire organization. It's a platform to drive the what and the why for the whole portfolio instead of how. With today's technology, we envision product teams' ability to make decisions at speed, reach out to a wide audience to exchange ideas, bring alignment, and communicate the product mix that best meets market and business needs.

Gocious believes that specific individuals have the experience, instinct, and systemic view required to drive great products to market. Given the opportunity, these people can mobilize a team around creating great value for our society. Given the right tools and environments, these individuals can rally a significant number of resources to bring exceptional products that advance our society for the better.

We honor those who were able to rise to the challenge and bring great ideas to light in their organization and manage to rally teams from inception to launch so that we can experience the world more profoundly. We want to work with these individuals and enable them to rise and achieve success efficiently. If these individuals had a choice to partner or have a toolset to make them successful, we want that to be Gocious


Jake Shafran, founder of Gocious
Jake Shafran
Founder and Chairman of the Board

Jake Shafran is the Founder and Chairman of Gocious, where he oversees company direction and ensures delivery of industry-leading product planning software for discrete manufacturers. Jake is also Chairman of JATO Dynamics, a company he founded in 1984 to implement and develop his innovative ideas for collecting and supplying competitive market intelligence for automotive manufacturers across the leading countries of Europe.

During his time with JATO, Jake has worked in partnership with virtually all key industry stakeholders and has led the company's growth and development from a small boutique research enterprise to a thriving company with an international footprint across over fifty countries.

Prior, Jake commenced his market research career with ERC Statistics, a pioneering London-based research company focusing on syndicated, multi-country consumer product research. While at ERC, Jake prototyped several research programs, including information services for the automotive industry.

Maziar Adl, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Gocious
Maziar Adl
Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer

Maziar is a strategic leader with a record for spearheading the successful design and rollout of medium to large-scale technology roadmaps and transformation. Throughout his career, Maziar has become renowned as an expert in improving organizations and teams' long-term performance strategies using better, accessible, and timely information and analytics. Prior to Gocious, Maziar worked at Experian, where he oversaw a major transformation to pivot and modernize Consumer Services division products, including developing a new enterprise SaaS platform and product family in the cloud.

The team and culture

We have a diverse team of talented individuals that love creating solutions for our customers. We appreciate the value of a great culture in making a dedicated team. We hope you join us on our journey so we can contribute to building better products.

We believe better products make a better world, reduce waste and increase happiness.

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