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The Two Roads to Ag-Tech Investment

Modern agricultural operations vary from those only a few decades ago as advancements in technology like sensors and robots have allowed farmers to scale their productivity. As erratic rainfall patterns, rising temperatures, and shifting pest dynamics make farming increasingly difficult, there is a critical need for farmers to continually increase their yields, particularly as arable land becomes scarcer and more expensive. As farmers contemplate investing in agricultural technology, there are two routes they can follow on this transformation journey.

Gocious Roadmaps Now Supports Jira Integration

Gocious is a company that understands that building product roadmaps could be challenging for product management teams. And Gocious Product Roadmap Management (PRM) software has been designed to help product managers communicate and align all stakeholders around a clear and accessible product portfolio roadmap. Gocious recently announced it created a solution that enables engineers and product managers to use their separate tools while integrating the important points of Atlassian Jira.

Streamlining Product Development Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation touches every facet of a business, enabling more productive collaboration and improving outcomes and operational resilience. To get things done faster with less error, we’ve exchanged manual “paper-pushing” for AI-powered SaaS solutions, which help organizations ensure on-time delivery of goods and services.

Demystifying Product Management: Why Creating And Leveraging Road Maps Are Key For Business Success

As better AI technology rapidly improves organizational efficiency, leaders are under increasing pressure to showcase innovation and bring successful products to market.

3 Ways Agile Thinking Can Help Product Managers Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Product managers have had quite the rollercoaster experience post-pandemic. The highs have been hard-earned, and the lows have been constant twists and turns, with new surprises always coming. The past several years of market volatility have made manufacturing and product roadmapping even more difficult. With all this change, product managers can turn to principles of agile thinking to stay ahead of market volatility and keep the team moving as one.

Podcast: Product road mapping for executives to align customer needs and business strategy

Our discussion will weave together topics for aligning customers’ needs and business strategy.

Podcast: How SaaS tech is bringing legacy industries into the digital age

Gocious helps discrete manufacturers bring products to market by providing product teams and decision-makers the capabilities and environments necessary to define, decide and communicate changes to their product portfolio faster and with more confidence.

Government Intervention Can Mitigate the Impact of the Chip Shortage

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of a work-from-home business model has given rise to an increased need for microchips. Heightened consumer demand for chip-dependent products such as autos and home appliances has overloaded an already delicate system.

How To Ensure Your Product Strategy Is Effective

In an increasingly digital world, it’s nearly impossible to believe that manual, multi-pronged business models still exist. In the manufacturing space—currently defined by supply chain woes and backlogged inventory—laborious and antiquated systems dominate an already complex industrial makeup.

How Effective Product Strategy Drives Better Business Goals

Product teams need a coordinated effort to translate their strategy, agree on tactics and gather feedback on a regular basis to make sure wider business goals are on track. When the C-suite outlines the company’s wider business goals, product teams often go to work carrying out their objectives.
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How Manufacturers are Redefining Product Roadmaps Amid Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges

Product managers are in a tough position in 2022. Many supply shortages for items like chips or raw materials are expected to be backed up until 2025 or longer. The cost of shipping has increased exponentially – according to Freightos, shipping rates have almost tripled from a year ago and have risen 12-fold from two years ago.

Keeping Up with Manufacturing Innovation and the Pace of Change with Maziar Adl

Listen to episode 17 where Maziar Adl, CTO of Gocious LLC discusses how Product Managers can use technology to bring the keep up with the pace of change.
Maziar Adl, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Gocious
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The ERP-Product Management Connection

There are few main operational areas in every manufacturing company, with ERP being one of the prime focal points. Broken down, manufacturers use ERP for a variety of projects, such as inventory management, order management, operations, and more recently, product management.
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Supply Chain, Manufacturers and Product Managers, Oh My!

The supply chain crisis has forced people to think, act, and plan differently. Find out how to be agile in the new normal.
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Prioritize Digital Investments to Ease Supply-Chain Issues

In the current circumstances it’s important for manufacturers to harness the power of data in order to become more agile, to keep pace with market demands and grow their businesses.
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What Industry 4.0 Means for Product Management

Stand by as the way products are designed and manufactured gets a major makeover.
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3 ways product managers’ roles have evolved – and where they’re headed next

Product managers wear many hats in their role—from mastering timelines to technology tools to finances, these integral manufacturing team members must become a jack of all trades to be successful.
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Machinery Makers Invest in Automation

“With industry 4.0, you can collect a lot of information from different sources in assembly plants,” adds Maziar Adl, chief technology officer at Gocious, a cloud-based software system for manufacturers with complex product lines. “As a result, you gain more knowledge and transparency on what’s happening across your operation to make better decisions and help take the correct action. The other benefit is digital transformation..."
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Industry 4.0 is Reshaping the Product Manager Role

Industry 4.0 is transforming the product manager role with agile work techniques, real-time insights, and AI/ML assistance.
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Three Infrastructure Bill Provisions That Could Re-Energize the Domestic Manufacturing Industry

With President Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill, the U.S. government will be the largest manufacturer in the country. It is a groundbreaking government effort in this sector in recent history – the last infrastructure bill was introduced as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal efforts coming out of the Great Depression 90 years ago.
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Product Visualization is a Critical Step for Advancement in Manufacturing

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information. Elements such as maps, graphs and charts that help identify patterns, trends and exceptions. The bottom line is it makes data more accessible and easier to understand, and therefore act on.
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Three Investment Areas to Watch As U.S. Tech Leaders Address Demand Spikes

As manufacturers and supply chains faced production halts and constraints for the last year, Apple is now taking the initiative to innovate U.S. manufacturing practices by investing in communities across the country. By building out more capabilities such as 5G, silicon engineering, and AI/ML, Apple is just one leader among many major tech players who will affect how the U.S. successfully navigates current tech industry shortages—from semiconductors to expert workers.
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Preparing for the 2030 EV Revolution

A look at how engineers are pivoting and evolving their approach to build affordable and reliable electric vehicles.
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Seamless journey from conception to manufacture

With the advent of manufacturing 4.0 and mass customization, products have become highly complex – and with that, the manufacturing process from design through to production.
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No Quick Fix for Semiconductor Shortage

Overordering, growth in 5G automation and limited production are all ongoing factors.
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Competitor Analysis Solution Works to Optimize Product Development

Gocious (Los Angeles, CA) recently unveiled its Competitor Analysis Solution designed to help facilitate go-to-market product journeys and foster a deeper understanding of competitive landscapes.
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Gocious launches Competitor Analysis Solution to empower discrete manufacturers with optimized product development through comprehensive analysis

Gocious, an intelligent product planning software for discrete manufacturers, today unveiled its Competitor Analysis Solution facilitating seamless go-to-market product journeys to help foster a deeper understanding of competitive landscapes and drive immediate results, including data-driven decision making and reduced errors on product line builds.
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Product line visualization can save manufacturers time and money

For decades, manufacturers have employed teams to comb through their processes to identify opportunities to continuously improve their operations. A practice known as Kaizen. However, one area that has surprisingly not been targeted for improvement until recently is the early stages of product planning and management.
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The Trouble with PLM Solutions, and a Path Forward

Anyone who’s used product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions can attest to a couple of things: it has massive potential, and it has a long way to go. As a recent survey by Gocious found, the pain points can make PLMs unappealing and difficult to use, leading many to abandon the systems altogether.
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What’s the Difference Between PLM, CPQ and Product Planning Software?

Companies of all kinds benefit from early, expert planning. Before spending time and money, companies need to plan and control product configurations and constraints, which are key to design, engineering and product specifications. All of this requires that management look at legal, engineering, operations and financial concerns, as well as customers’ needs.
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How Digital Twins Can Help Retailers Optimize Operations

Digital twin technology has become integral to manufacturing and the Internet of Things over the past several years. It has helped companies create better products with more efficient manufacturing, bringing clarity to designers and improving an assembly plant’s level of productivity. The importance of digital twins in retail manufacturing is clear, but there’s another domain where digital twins can make a significant difference: Monitoring and forecasting sales and revenues.
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Gocious Provides Manufacturers With a Roadmap

New offering enables planning teams to collaborate and plan complex product lines by ensuring alignment across the organization.
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Gocious Launches Product Portfolio Roadmap to Automate and Simplify Modeling of Product Lines for Discrete Manufacturers

Product planning teams can increase collaboration and planning accuracy for complex product lines to ensure alignment across the organization
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How AI Helps Retailers Achieve Environmental Sustainability

Artificial intelligence is still working its way into all our lives in one form or another, proving its benefits in our homes, at work, and beyond. Artificial Intelligence and other forecasting tools are poised to become invaluable in the retail industry, not only to drive productivity and sales but also to increase energy efficiency in real time.
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Manufacturing’s Role in Mass COVID-19 Vaccination

But just as important as having a vaccine is having enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to aid in the vaccination of nearly 330 million people across the country. This importance will be a critical turning point for America’s manufacturers
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Do You Plan to Excel? Or Not to Excel?

For manufacturing organizations, early, high-level planning reduces costs, increases collaboration, and allows for greater control -- from conception to development, to improvement.
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Agile Manufacturing to Cope with Consumer Demands and COVID Challenges

"Agile manufacturing is about creating flexibility to meet the market’s expectations. By testing products in the market and making changes quickly, the product and its varying features, packages and options become more reflective of the voice of the customer, sooner."
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Manufacturing through the Fourth Industrial Revolution

"As the industry adjusts to digital transformation – those who capitalize on new technologies and efficient processes will come out on top."
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How the GM-Nikola Deal Impacts the Future of Automotive, US Manufacturing

"The ability, or inability, of these companies to identify the best of both worlds and fuse them together could have bigger-picture impacts."
Most Promising Product Management Solution Providers 2020 Award
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Gocious: Bringing Products that Customers Want

"Manufacturers have to be diligent in the planning stage of their product configuration for better business outcomes."