Managing Highly Complex Product Lines

Being responsible for a complex product line is both challenging and rewarding.

One of the biggest challenges can be overcoming the tools you have available to you, which can make you more of a data manager than a product manager.

How can you minimize the challenge and maximize that rewarding sense of pride from a successful product launch?

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Automated product configuration

With an intuitive grid layout, setting feature availability within the product line plan is really easy. Make simple statements of how features are made available on products and/or other features. Let the system cascade that information for you. It is a more accurate and faster way of working.
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Reports created for you

Wish reporting for your entire product line and all product variants was automatically updated as soon as you change the configuration? That is no longer a fantasy, its reality with Gocious.
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Maximize returns by leveraging commonality

Our central feature library stores all features past, present, and future. Easily find features that meet your requirements and add them to your proposed offering. Champion feature re-use across your product lines and reap the benefits.
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Quantify the qualitative

Turn your customer feedback into quantifiable datasets to show how your products meet the needs of your target customers with our weighted scoring.
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Control your complexity

We calculate the number of ways your products can be configured so you know the impact of your plan immediately. Our reporting also shows you all variants not just a select few. This way you can keep on top of your product line and not worry about unseen complexity causing you problems.
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