Focus your marketing efforts on the best opportunities

High impact Marketing teams use Gocious product roadmap management software optimized product assortments to prioritize marketing spend and effort for maximum returns.

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Score and rank the product offering against the target segment

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so use Gocious to score and rank your product offering against the things your targeted customers care about most.  Identify the products that hit the mark and ramp up your emphasis of the features and benefits that will get the most attention. 
Learn more about the Product Option Matrix
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Stay aligned to the product definitions and configurations in real time

The one thing that is constant is change, but late changes to product features and benefits can sink your GTM plans. Keep your marketing plans on the right track with real time access to the product plan and sku level details with Gocious. Stay on the same page with the product teams, even if you’re actually worlds apart.
Learn more about the Product Line Roadmap
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See how your offering stacks up against the competition

As a marketer, you have to know how your product stacks up against the competition and the current lineup. Create your marketing plan with the intelligence of Gocious’ side by side comparisons of competitive and current products to ensure you have market coverage across your segment.
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Start with the big picture in mind

Great marketers know when to go big and when to go, umm, not so big. It’s important to know the relative awesomeness of the product you’re launching today with that of the one which will launch tomorrow or next year. Gocious helps marketers see the planned evolution of a product over time, ensuring that todays launch of the next big thing is a planned step on the way to launching the next, next big thing.

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