Feature Library

The feature library contains all the features available for use across all product lines for teams to reuse and model with speed. Using a central feature library, you can find commonality across your products and save time finding and applying features that can be reused.

Share features across multiple products

Promote commonalities across the organization to reduce research, development and manufacturing costs.
two different motorcycles with different wheel configurations

Get everyone more involved in the process

Have your teams input their data into one central location to get everyone working off the latest data. Make decisions quickly and get your product out faster.
people around gocious logo with arrows between them and the logo

Control your features in one location

Search, contribute and comment on features to be used across product lines with your team.
a map pointing to gocious that points to different cars

Ready to get behind the wheel and drive your product strategy?

The Gocious Product Roadmap Management (PRM) system for manufacturers is a tool for product managers to drive their strategic planning process from a single source of truth and visualize it in a product management executive dashboard that can be shared across the company.