Product Score

Use our 10-point weighted score to manage complexity and reduce guesswork when developing your product line. Make informed decisions by performing decision-matrix analysis or measuring your product variants against set targets with one overall score.

Set internal and external targets that your products must meet

Gocious Score will show how close your product is to meeting or exceeding your overall product goals. Set multiple numerical targets for a product, such as your goal for total weight and cost. Set the importance of meeting or exceeding one target over another. Gocious will compare your set targets against all buildable variants based on the sum of specifications of the features of each variant.
range configurations for scoring attributes

Validate your assumptions

Don't just rely on instinct; reduce guesswork and get quantitative insight to support whether your product meets its objectives.
a drill with a checkmark above it and a drill with different configurations with an X above it

Optimize your features and improve your insight

Change features, constraints, options, and specifications to see how those changes will affect your product score in seconds.
a laptop with a score of 4.9 increasing to a score of 7.3

Get quicker approvals

Support your claims and validate your hypothesis with data to prove you are putting forward the best possible product plan.
two people exchanging statistics and approval